Morrow-Elevation-1-4x2-1Mixed Use, Multi-Family Developing:
Treysta group is an expert in managing the unique set of challenges and demands related to site selection, design, construction and property management of Mixed Use projects. We create sustainable projects that are visually appealing, marketable and function well with an integrated mix of uses, including a variety of housing types and usable public spaces.

Green Building Multi-Family Consulting:
Implementing green practices into a Multi-Family housing project shouldn’t be difficult or costly to the project. With Treysta Group as part of your project team, you can ensure the building is cost effective to build, own and operate. We help you think of green building as a way to increase the ROI of your project.

One of the most powerful, effective and yet simple ways to ensure resource efficiency on a building project is to begin with a charrette. The charrette is a collaborative method of building planning that brings together all key stakeholders of a project for a concentrated period of time in a workshop or roundtable format. Want to build a better building? Start from the ground up, with an Eco-Charrette

Training and Speaking:
Looking for a dynamic and engaging speaking for your next tradeshow, company or public event? Treysta Group is fortunate to have a national speaking experts on staff. Robin Pharo, national expert and author of You Don’t Have to Wear Hemp Underwear. Ms. Pharo can handle extensive topics in Green Building and Sustainability.

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